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Before relocating to Toronto in 2013, Reinaldo was already a seasoned director and cinematographer having worked in Brazil, US, Mexico Argentina, and Canada. 

He has worked with some of the world's biggest brands including Toyota, GM, Citroen, Honda, Volkswagen, Unilever, Hasbro, Kawasaki, Disney and more. Known for his creativity and versatility, he is just as comfortable behind the camera as he is in a post-production environment with a thorough understanding of the production pipeline. Having worked with several major agencies around the world including Ogilvy, McCann, and TBWA, F/Nasca, Euro/Havas, Wonderment, DM9DDB, Talent, has won awards at Cannes, New York, and others Brazilian festivals. Whether he's leading a film crew, a post-production team or developing an ad campaign, Reinaldo is an invaluable asset to have on any project. 



Cannes Festival 2002 – Bachelor Party                             

TV Commercial: Club of Marketing Executives

Director: Reinaldo Tragnone


Cannes Festival 2006 – Life Line                            

TV Commercial: Against Drugs Association in Brazil

Director: Reinaldo Tragnone


New York Festival Awards – Silver World Medal 2008 – Category Low Budget

Music Video: I Gotta Go My Own Way - High School Musical II – Disney Brazil

Director: Reinaldo Tragnone

Indicated as MTV Awards Brazil 2007- Best Music clip 2007 with “Sandrão, Respeito Oriental”

Director: Reinaldo Tragnone

Hutúz Awards 2007 – The Best Music Video for XXI Century            

Music Video: Japan Respect

Director: Reinaldo Tragnone

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